I am Altynay and I am mum of two wonderful children. One is nearly four and another is 16 months. They are lovely, lively and curious. They are also full of energy and never stop. I mean never. They don’t sleep, ok they sleep but not very well or long enough for me to recover from previous night and previous night and years of not having good quality sleep. As babies they had tongue ties, silent refluxes and my youngest has multiple food allergies. I have also struggled with anxiety and was on the verge of postnatal depression with both of them. So I found parenting hard, really hard and it is still hard, but now I know that many other mums feel this way and it’s not just me. So I started writing little posts on my personal page about real parenting without glam and shine, lots of friends related and encouraged me to write more. I have also been blogging in Russian, my first language, about parenting some time ago and have multiple text documents with my thoughts, potential blog posts and even a book which only has 1 page in. So I have decided to do blogging more because clearly I have so much to say and if I’m blogging it gets it off my chest. You can read it and relate, read it and not relate or completely ignore it. I am also a foreign mum of two English children in an amazing county of Yorkshire, which I call my second home and love very much, so I am discovering this place with my children guided by my true Yorkshireman who has followed me to Kazakhstan but brought me back here. You can take man out of Yorkshire but not Yorkshire out of a man, and all that. You might find me blogging about parenting, cooking, especially allergy friendly cooking, places that I have visited, foraging and all the other random stuff that I have an unlimited desire to write about. Happy reading!