Tips for dealing with night time coughing

Tips to deal with coughing

Disclaimer: this article isn’t a substitute for medical advice. It’s common sense tips to help you ease your or your child’s cough at night to get a slightly better sleep. Please speak to your gp about persistent cough and colds.

I haven’t slept very well last night. I know it’s a story of my life, my this time it wasn’t my kids. Well, not directly, of course it is still their fault because they fetched the bug home. I was coughing a lot, laying down made things worse I struggled for a while and then thought: I should try the tricks I do on my kids to stop them coughing at night, and so I did. Amazingly and perhaps not surprisingly they worked. So I’ve decided I should share them so you have all the wisdom collected from various mums on internet in one place to get you and your little one some sleep during this horrible flu and cold season.

1. Raise head. Prop the pillows to raise head slightly higher than usual to see if it stops the mucus going down the throat and inducing cough.

2. Use saline solution to spray in nostrils to clear excessive mucus in your or your little ones nose to help breathing and stop mucus going down the throat. Good luck doing it on your child! Mission impossible.

3. If above fails, and it probably will try hot steamy bath or just steamy room. Encourage your little one to put their head in the water to clear the mucus, maybe they can play digging treasure off the bottom of the sea, or just bribe them. Get those green bogies out. Yikes

4. I personally found the best thing to stop me coughing at night was to have a humidifier on. I know some people add olbas oil or use Calpol plug in with various essential oils to help breathing, but for me just having a humidifier on helped on its own. I think it’s dry air that exasperates coughing, but humid air makes your membranes softer and less irritated. Basically I have no idea how it works, but it does. Get a humidifier on!

5. Vapour rub on feet with socks on, chest and back. I have no idea why and how it works, but it’s been an absolute godsend in our house over horrible winter colds for the last 4 years. I also put some on my neck for tickly throat and it helped with that too.

6. Honey. Obviously if your child is younger than one don’t use it, or if you think they are allergic to it, or you yourself are allergic. Aldi sells amazing cheap (for this type of honey) Manuka honey. Don’t put it in hot drinks it loses its magic powers of heated.

7. Olbas oil on a tissue or sanitary pad. Put under pillow case, it helps clear the nose so you can breath better, which is a great thing when you’re full of cold wouldn’t you say.

8. Tickly cough medicine from pharmacy. Obviously a grown up can have any cough medicine, but little ones only get a mixture of glycerin with some sugary flavour. It only works somewhat on my children, but might work on yours.

Hope you all feel better soon! And I hope I feel better soon too. Take care.

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