Super easy protein filled snack.

This post may contain advertisement. The original recipe asks for dates, but I have substituted them for sugar because of Alma’s sorbitol sensitivity. Yes, I know dates are healthier than sugar. If you follow fodmap diet or have fructose malabsorption you should also watch out for sorbitol content in fruits. Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol which some people can’t tolerate and can experience food poisoning like symptoms and acid reflux. So anyway, this is a dairy, soya, egg and sorbitol free healthy vegan protein filled snack.

Can of chickpeas drained.
Two big tablespoons of peanut butter (I have used one with palm oil because this is what we had at home).
Two tablespoons of sugar.
Chocolate buttons (I used Tesco’s own free from chocolate buttons from beware contains soya lethitin from Tesco Groceries)

Chuck everything in the food processor and run till smooth, make some balls and eat quickly before children scoff them all.

Very tasty and very very easy. Obviously you don’t need to have allergies or intolerances to enjoy this delicious snack 😉😋

Food processor that I use

4 thoughts on “Super easy protein filled snack.

  1. Thank you! I have been wondering if my daughter has a sorbitol allergy and this has pretty much confirmed it for me. Poor thing is really ill and then being made to have Calpol. 😕

    Also, great recipe! Have you made American style chickpea pancakes made with chickpea flour? Our allergy baby has them every morning for breakfast with fruit purée and coyo mixture on top, yum!


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