Fixing menstruation problems with mizan therapy. My experience

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A couple of years ago after having my first chiild I went to a women’s circle about menstruation. We were talking all things periods when one of the ladies said she’s struggling with fertility and monitoring her cycles and periods very carefully. For me periods were always painful inconvenient times of the months, something I wasn’t looking forward to and quite frankly wished I never had. I always wanted to be a boy as I was growing up, because boys didn’t bleed every month. Her comment was eye opening, the reason why I bleed is because I am fertile and I can create life. I never thought about it in this light. My mum never explained it to me in this way, she showed me how to use pads, she said all big girls and women bleed and we should keep clean by showering and keeping our used pads out of sight of men. At that particular moment in women circle I realised how lightly I took my periods and how I easily wished them away. I guess the reason is I always found them painful and they were always on a heavy side. Neither me nor my mum thought anything of it and assumed it was normal way periods are. Fast forward couple of years I had another baby and my periods returned with new force and “inconvenience”. They were periods of a woman who has neglected her health for a long time, they were no longer just painful they were “I faint from pain” painful, they were “my limbs go numb” painful and “I am going to hospital in an ambulance” painful, “I am loosing 120 ml a day” painful. Just for reference average woman loses 50-80 ml of blood per period not in one day. I was checked over and told it’s endemetriosis and that I need to learn to live with it. I was offered contraception pill to control my periods and make them more manageable. When I asked if I stopped taking pills what would happen I was told the only reason to stop would be if I wanted to get pregnant again. At the age of 30 I wasn’t ready to go on a lifelong medication with various side effects including potentially depression and anxiety. So I started learning how to live with it while looking after two ferrel children who don’t care if mummy has endemetriosis, they want mummy in tip top condition playing all day. It’s after a few months of living with it I was put in touch with an amazing woman and mizan practioner Kirsty who said she could help a little bit. Now I am not a “woo” person, science is my friend, I have master’s degree in technology and I always lived by scientific principles. Mizan therapy sounded woo, I must admit it sounded weird and hippy. I also have two little ones and any minute spend without them qualifies as “me time” and makes me feel refreshed and more patient. Fill my cup and all that. I went to see Kirsty with a mindset “at least I will be away from kids for 2 hours laying on a couch relaxing”. The room was nice and very welcoming. She had statues of women goddesses and herbs in jars, made me cup of herbal tea and started explaining things about mizan therapy. Kirsty refferred to my womb as she and explained how she (womb) is supposed to be positioned in my body, what size she is at different points in my monthly cycles, why women can experience painful heavy periods, for example because of misalignment of the womb, womb being tilted one way or another. She briefly touched the subject of fertility but please do speak to her about it because I didn’t ask detailed questions, as was mainly concerned with periods. What she said made sense. If the womb is tilted backwards then the blood flow is restricted but the womb still needs to get rid of the layer of cells it build up preparing for pregnancy which didn’t happen, so it sends a signal to the brain which then creates more hormones to increase the blood flow to get rid of the cells. It’s like hosepipe facing upwards, in order for water to come out you need a stronger water flow. This in turn makes a woman moody and sore from the additional hormone rash. I then had some gentle massage of my abdomen and Kirsty did Reiki on my womb. I was asked to thank my womb for all the work it has done for me and to connect to my inner woman. This was very “woo” but I liked it. I don’t know if I connected to my inner woman and female side, but it did feel right to thank my womb for all the work. Next day something started happening. Kirsty was there for me talking me through all the physical sensations I had, I was feeling nauseous, I was feeling poorly I was feeling like someone has moved an organ inside my body into a position it is supposed to be in. My next period was better, it was lighter, it was less painful, I was less angry and upset, I had more energy and I was certainly not fainting. I noted it down. I was using scientific method of doing a manipulation and then making an observation. Next period was good again, and next, and next, and next and I thought “Oh my, I need to tell everyone about it”. So here is what I am doing I am telling everyone about it. Mizan therapy seemed to work for me, I am going again in the near future to fix it completely and hope if you try it it can help your periods as well. Someone said to me recently that periods should not be horribly painful and something we dread, so I am looking forward to having nice pain free light periods. To get in touch with Kirsty find her details here.

Disclaimer: mizan therapy is complementary therapy and is not a replacement for professional medical help and advice.

Disclaimer: this is my personal experience and hopefully you will have a good one too but everyone is different.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid advertising and I am sharing my personal experience because I want other women to benefit from having mizan therapy to help with period issues.

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