Salt dough minimum effort craft activity for kids

Salt dough craft

The heatwave in the UK has forced us out of the burning sun back into hot houses. Children soon get bored though and grandad’s birthday was approaching, so I needed minimum effort activity to keep them happy with a result that can be given as a gift.

So here it is: salt dough quick summer craft.

Salt dough recipe:

1 cup of salt
2 cups of flour
About 3/4 of water

Make dough.

We had seashells that I collect every single time we go to the coast. I grew up in a landlocked country so the novelty is still here for me. If you don’t have any seashells don’t worry pebbles will do, or pasta or anything that can be used to stick on the dough. We have used cookie cutters and play dough tools to cut shapes and make imprints. Basically your and your child’s fantasy is the limit. You can adapt this to Christmas craft or anytime craft really.

I have left the shapes outside to dry for a bit and then baked at 120 degrees Celsius for about 1 hour, it might need baking a bit longer if it’s thick though.

Salt dough minimum effort craft salt dough minimum effort craft for kids

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