Fish and hidden veg loaf. How to feed fussy children.

Have you noticed I like cooking? I also need to be very creative because not only my children are typical fussy toddlers but also one of them has dairy, soya,egg and sorbitol allergy. So today I’ve made salmon and vegetables loaf, because grated hidden vegetables are usually eaten without any drama in our house, and because my children like bread. I find making loaves a lot easier than pies as I don’t need to get the rolling pin out, get my hands and working surface covered in dough and flour. It saves me precious time that I can be spending on the sofa drinking tea. Just joking, chasing my kids round obviously. So here we go super easy allergy friendly recipe for you lovely to try to feed your kids.

Canned salmon
Spelt flour
Chickpea water from a can to replace eggs using aquafaba method
Green beans slightly cooked (I boiled them for 3 minutes before adding them to the loaf)
Sweet corn
Half a courgette
Olive oil
Baking powder
Margarine for greasing the loaf tin
Coriander leaves

2 3/4 cups of spelt flour, half a cup of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, chopped up courgette, 6 spoons of chickpea water, paprika, coriander leaves and 3/4 cups of water go in a food processor, run till smooth. Add canned salmon, chopped up green beans, a handful of sweet corn, mix. Obviously feel free to add salt, I don’t because I can’t remember how much salt kids are allowed at different ages so I just don’t add any salt at all. Put in a greased tin and bake for 60 minutes at 180 degrees fan or 190 degrees Celsius in a standard oven.
Children, husband and I loved it.
Did you notice the flowers in my salad? Well these are chives flowers from our own garden. They taste very garlicky. Not ideal if you want to have a romantic evening once kids are in bed, but very tasty.

Hidden vegetables recipe for kids .jpg

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